Personal training at fit by design

Training goes beyond workouts it's an entire lifestyle transformation

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1 on 1 Training

Any gym can offer you 1 on 1 training but what does that mean here at Fit By Design? It is more than just a set of exercises with set, reps, and weights. Every movement is carefully planned and times to be the most effective use of your time to maximize results. Your form, posture, effort for every rep is going to be evaluated and adjusted (even mid workout) that way you never miss out and getting the most from the workout.


Nutrition Education and Meal Plans

We are certified to customize and make meal plans that will effectively get you to your goals. These are NOT diets! It’s a lifestyle change that will feel effortless. You will be coached on what to look for in food labels, what everything means, and how it affects your body. Food after all is our fuel, and we can’t expect our bodies to run like machines without the proper fuel. Nothing is off limits you will never be told you cannot have your favorite foods it is just managing them in a way that keep you healthy and on track.

We also offer meal prep at an addition cost.