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We Are Fit By Design

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Fit By Design is a family of committed and caring trainers who are striving to empower individuals to a healthier lifestyle. We specialize in life-changing fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle programs individualized to a person’s goals and needs. We do this by educating with useful information in an oversaturated market, which gives people the freedom to choose a healthier life. We are invested in our clients and strive to exceed expectations of what they want and need. We care about them as individuals and are thrilled to see transformation of a client’s body, belief systems, and ultimately, their lives.

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Our Story

Fit By Design is first and foremost a lifestyle training studio. But that is far from all that we do. We are a family here that you become a part of to help you in your journey to reach an all-around lifestyle change. But what does that mean? Yes, we do a lot of resistance training with machines, free weights, body weight, elastic bands, tires you name it. We incorporate psychological training as well, because it is not just yourself when you leave here. And that starts with some spiritual training and meditation. Making our training full circle, not helping you train your mind while you are here. We complete our package with any part of your life left unchanged. From day one we start implementing small changes that build that way you are comfortable with the new healthier you!

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